Chrisna Haasbroek

Maintenance Coordinator

Get to Know Me
Hi, my name is Chrisna Haasbroek and I have been a part of the real estate industry since 2019. I started as a receptionist at Linprop and was quickly promoted to Sales PA. As I gained more experience, I took on the role of Maintenance Coordinator, where I focus on arranging any maintenance required in our rental management portfolio. My journey in real estate has been rewarding, as I have learned and grown in various roles within the company.

One of the things that sets me apart from others in this field is my ability to remain calm and task-focused, even in the most challenging situations. I believe in providing excellent customer service and always strive to exceed my client's expectations. My testimonials from satisfied clients will give you an idea of what it would be like working with me.

I am proud to work in the industry and am committed to assisting landlords and tenants to have a good experience when there is a problem at a rental property.


Christa Keuris
We have 6 properties that Linprop is managing for us. They are also doing all the maintenance queries. Chrisna is the go to person here. She is friendly and is always ready to get quotes for repairs and is on top of everything. She is quick in responses and is always doing her best to help. She is an asset to the company.

Marita de Blom
Chrisna always provides professional, efficient, quick and friendly service.
Chrisna ensures that a good working relationship and communication is maintained with our tenants, as well as with external contractors used
for the maintenance work.
Very often, maintenance issues are still resolved on the same day!
My sincere thanks goes out to Chrisna and her colleagues.

Hennie from Landy's Plumbing
My company has been doing plumbing maintenance for Linprop for many years.
Since Chrisna took over the position of rental maintenance agent in 2019, we work very closely together.
When Chrisna send a WhatsApp message requesting our services to attend to a plumbing issue at one of the rental properties, her message contain all the necessary details e.g. exactly what we must attend to and all the contact details of the tenant. It was never necessary to contact her to clarify what is to be done. This is very important for a contractor so one can go to the property prepared.
Chrisna will always follow up if she does not receive an invoice within reasonable time.
What a pleasure to work with and for someone so friendly and competent.

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